The floating point types in C++ are : float , double , and long double .

They are fundamental types , as such they have a mapping to the hardware of a computing machine , so they are as fast , as the machine is capable of performing the computation .

The floating point types in C++ , are used to represent numbers which can possibly have a fractional part . For example 1 or 1.2 .

The C++ standard , does not specify , the floating point algorithm to be used , this is left to the implementation , but what is typically used , by all implementations , is the IEEE floating point format.

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This tutorial is about arrays in java . It will show how to declare and create arrays , how to assign values and access elements of an array , how to loop , and print the elements of an array .

It will also show how to copy , clone and merge arrays . How to sort , search , and check for the equality of arrays . How to fill an array , generate an array , reduce an array : find the max , min or average … How to convert arrays to streams , or collections , how to reverse an array , and how to calculate the Cartesian product of two arrays .

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This article will show how to install nginx , how to enable ssl and http2 for nginx , and for the web frameworks for which nginx serves as a reverse proxy . It will use the IPFW firewall to block all incoming traffic beside http , https , and ssh .

It will install php , mariadb , Wordpress , and it will also install Postgresql , mongodb and adminer . It will also install nodejs and a wiki web application for nodejs , and it will install java and the tomcat server for which it will serve two web applications .

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The ServletContext interface , defines methods , which can be used by a web application , in order to interact with the servlet container . A servlet container can pass initialization parameters , to a web application , by using what is called : context parameters.

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FreeBSD is formed from :

  • The base system , which contains the core utilities , libraries , and the kernel .
  • The ports collection , which contains the make files , for other open source software , ported to FreeBSD .
  • The doc , which contains the FreeBSD documentation.
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The ServletConfig interface , defines methods , which can be used to retrieve initialization parameters , passed to a specific servlet , by the servlet container catalina , when creating the servlet and calling its init method .

The config object , is an instance of ServletConfig . It is an implicit object , which is not necessary to declare , and which can be used inside a JSP page . A JSP page is converted , to a servlet .

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