- so certbot!? Eh! what is that really ? is it some kind of certification bot?
- well, hmm, how to put it ? hmm, do you have? do you have some sort of local development server ?
- as in installing nginx, WordPress, MySQL, flask ... as shown in this article?
- exactly! And it is as simple, as wanting to have ssl locally, maybe as a requirement, or to test something ...

How to instal certbot on windows?  , featured image 203 by 204

- so, is this an installation, or what's that?
- yeh, a quick installation, some concepts to catch, some stuff to do, so ...
- let us do it, :P.
- okay, grosso modo, we will be using Cygwin, as the backend for installing our development stack.

How to install nginx, php, mysql, wordpress, express, and flask , on Microsoft Windows  , featured image 181 by 180

- The setup? you might ask, is what?
- Well, it is simple enough, what is needed , is to have a C/C++ compiler, and an X11 server installed.
- Hmmm, okay fair enough, but how is this done?

Compiling and running X11 programs under windows  , featured image 196 by 197
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