Conformance as defined by the c standard is two parts : conformance of a program and conformance of an implementation .

Concerning the conformance of a program , a c program can either be : strictly conforming or conforming . As for the conformance of an implementation it can be either hosted or freestanding .

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The limits.h header was defined as part of the c89 standard .

It contains the min and max limits that integer types can have on a certain machine . It also defines the number of bits in a char , and the maximum number of bytes in a multibyte characters .

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There are three kinds of integer literals in c . They are the decimal , octal and hexadecimal .

The Integer literals can be of the int , long , and long long type , and they can be either signed or unsigned .

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The sizeof operator returns the size of an expression or of an object type in c .

The value returned by the sizeof operator is of type size_t .

This article will explain what is the sizeof operator , what is its return type and it will give examples of how to use it and where it can be applied.

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__func__ is a predefined identifier . It was defined as part of the c99 standard , and it is used to get the name of a function.

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Comments in c can be written in two ways , this tutorial will teach how to write comments in c .

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