It was the fifties; computers were starting to be formalized, and research was being done. A question that needed answers, is how to make a computer execute instructions.

A history of the pascal programming language , featured image 274 by 300

Keeping privacy and security on the web, can be an important topic for some people. Here is a list, of the most useful, Firefox and google chrome extensions, to help keep one’s privacy and security.

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Sometimes you have the need, to check your website, for any links that have error codes: 500 internal server error, 301 moved permanently, 404 not found … And the reason might be, that you want to check the security, or the health of your website. What can be used you might ask?

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This article is about the must have google chrome extensions, as related to domain: whois, ip, ranking, seo, scraping, link checking, sitemap appraisal, and what it is using.

Best chrome extensions for domain whois, ip, ranking, seo, scraping, link checking, sitemap, appraisal, and what it is using, featured image 345 by 230

This article discusses the must have google chrome bookmarks extensions, related to finding duplicates, checking for dead links, sorting, searching and viewing bookmarks

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This is a cheat sheet for Winget.winget cheat sheet featured image 250 by 221
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