Bottle Bread

This is a bread recipe, from the 10th century A.D, which is the 4th century A.H., and it is taken from the book of cooking, by ibn sayyar al warraq, and it goes as follow:

Take as much as you need of pure flour.

Knead softly until it becomes like dumpling dough.

Take thin bottles that have a wide mouth, and that can bear fire, and pour sesame, or pure oil, into them.

Spray the bottles with rose water, all over in and out, and fill them with dough.

The bottles are set on bricks in the tannour, a clay oven, over a moderate fire.

Stick a toothpick in the dough in the bottles, to check if it is cooked, if the toothpick comes out clean, this means the dough is done.

When done, take out the bottles and break them, what will come out will be shaped like the bottles.

If you like, you can dip it in milk, mixed with mastic, rose water, and sugar, or if you prefer, you can dip it in milk and honey.