Buran lived in the early ninth century AD, which is about the late second century AH, and she was an Arabic princess, who had a passion for cooking.

She experimented with food, and she created many plates, which some, still bear her name, as in Alboronia which is a typical dish found in southern and central Spain, and is of Arabic origin, Alboronía is البورانية.

Another plate which has her name, is al buran, which was described in a cooking book, named The Book of Dishes, كتاب الطبيخ, written by Muḥammad bin al-Karīm al-Baghdadi, in the 13th century AD.

This book was found in the Hagia Sophia library, established in the Hagia Sophia mosque, by Sultan Mahmud I, in 1740AD.

The recipe for al buran goes as follow:

- Take an eggplant, boil it lightly in water and salt, then take it out, and let it drain for about an hour.

- At this stage, fry the eggplant with sesame or olive oil, until it is well done.

- After that, peel it, and place it in a large dish or mug, and struck it with a spoon until it is well mushed, and add, some salt and dried coriander leaves.

- Take some yogurt, mix it with garlic, then throw in, the obtained eggplant mixture, and mix everything very well.

- Take some red meat, cut it into fine slices, and fry it with tail fat until it turns pink. At this stage submerge it with water, and let it boil until there is no more water in the pan, and what remains, is the meat and the grease.

- Place the resulting meat over the yoghurt, and spice the plate, with powdered cumin and cinnamon.