By Mohamad Wael

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Yet Another Actual Story

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Chapter One

- Where to start, where to start! - Ah, if I, were you? - Yeh! - After a 10 minutes research? - Yeh! - Where to start, where to start! - Ah, ok, ok! So now it is not even, about that they are doing corruption, but that they are actually proud, of doing it. - Yeh, for some, do not underestimate the power of money. - Yeh, yeh! - So, like instead of combatting drugs, the inverse, accomplice? - Yeh, yeh! The lieutenants? Old news. - So, like instead of fighting theft, the inverse, accomplice? - Yeh, yeh! The caporals? Old news. - So, like instead of fighting prostitution, the inverse, accomplice? - Yeh, yeh the colonel!? Old news. - Okay, okay … So, he was stealing huh? - Who is that now? - Come on, come on let us hold a press conference! - Yeh, but I mean, who is that guy! - The financer! - Ah, to finance what!? - five dollars! - what is that! - Exactly! - Yeh, I will take it! - What!? - what!? - are you accusing me now!? - Where is the money!? where did it go !? where is it!? - Ah, The conference, the conference! - At 5? - yeh, it adds up! - where to start, where to start? - As you see, dear beloved ones. - yeh? - There are those who are financed, and there are those who are so poor!? - okay! - Those who are so poor, they have machinery, worth thousand, and thousand, and thousands of dollars. - yes .. yes! - But they do need these five dollars! - So there is something funky! - ouhhh, oouhhh, come on man! - Their self-respect has been destroyed! - yeh, but where, where along the lines, where did it start! - the conference!? - ouhhh, oouhhh, come on man! - As you see, dear beloved one! These ones can be grouped into two categories, those who are financed by the outside, so they provide money for them, equipment, everything. And those who are so so poor, that they need to steal, in order to be able to finance themselves? - ah, the repeat? the cover up!? - yeh! the pigs! have done it! - So, so what is their story? - ah, they are fighting? - i mean, was it the money? - ah, they are agreeing? - was it the money, that they were after? - a deal was struck! - yeh, but i did not enter it? - taily, did he enter it? - make the round, make the round! - he did not enter it? - taily, did he enter it? - make the round, make the round! - yeh? - no? - did he escape? - escape they did, taily! - yeh!? - where do you live? - no? - bring it back, bring it back! - is this about the invisible one? - yeh! nobody really cares. - is it that? or nobody actually sees him? - magical you mean? has no weight!? - two small antennas! - a cockroach you mean? what is that! - all parties involved agree. - all parties involved agree. - we need the money, we need the money. - is diesel the way? - yeh, yeh!? - doesn't he have partners!? - hmm, so now what? - burn him! for the bigger cause? ah ok, ok! - so is he major general? - yeh just some few billions? - documented? - abou samra? does it mean anything? - embezzlement of sickness aid? is that it? - ah, you know... just some few billions. - yeh, but why now? where are the others? - so they don't care? - ahh!! bring it back, bring it back? - so the deal? - medical bills? forging ...!? - yeh, yeh! do you need public aid? - hmmm, listening? - two thirds? deal? - hmm, do i have to do anything? - 1/3 deal? - okay, deal. - for what? - to get the higher pay? - yeh... falsifying a rank? - but... mmmm.... how will you cover it? - Eagles!!! - shhhh, shhh, shhh. It is what!!? - All loving and all caring, the two shh, shhh. It cannot be stated? ... were. - Squeak! Squeak! squawk for us!!! Littles... hahaha , the shhh, shhh .. said. - Squeak! Squeak! squawk for us!!! Littles. hahaha , the shhh, shhh .. said. - Should we laugh at this? - Vile, file, the nature said. - Yeh! Yeh! You are going to make it, the nature said. - The nature? Mocking!? Really!!? - Yeh, yeh, you will escape it, yeh, you will, the nature said. - Ah! so lovely, so lovely! So much love, so much nurturing, so much protection. - Is it just the hazards of life? - What? what are you talking about now? I mean come onnn! Uff ! - Like, you know, he was nobody, but yet something changed in the nineties! - For him alone? - His start, his failure! Mmm … whatever, he is not qualified, he was never qualified! - Uff… what are you bubbling now? - It does not! it does not! It does not make sense. - the promotion guy! - who is that? who is that! - is he the one following you? - Mmm, well you know to get someplace, in the public sector, you need a chaperon, somebody to push you up. - In return of what? - loyalty, the yes man, the promotion guy. - Ah, the promotion guy, the fatty, his team, they are following you? - Ah, law and merit, promotion by law and merit! - Ah, okay, yes, yes, yes. hmmm, is it worth developing this side of the story? - well, it is an interesting aspect, I mean come on, promotion by merit. - multiple parties, a choice had to be made. - clap, clap, my prince, clap, clap! - fatty! haha. The promotion guy! hahah. the body guards ... - clap my frog, clap, clap! - hahahha. - yes! yes! ouhhhh, ouuhhhh! One and one party alone. yes! yes! I must not badge! ouhhhh ouhhhh! I must not badge. - yes! yes! you are the one! ouhh, ouhhh! - one party, one party, promise, promise, promise promise promise ! ouhhh, ouhhh. - No! no! you are the one! hahahah. - develop! develop! the other side of the story? - ah! ouhh ouhhh , clap , clap ... the body guard. - The pigs? Hahaha… Squeak, Squawk, hahaha - Come, come, come and listen, the nature said. - He is special. - Is this the girl? - Which one? - The first one! - Put him under surveillance, it might be useful in due time. Canada is so cold, she tried whatever they call it, and sometimes we do not give weight to things. - Secret service? - He will not find a place to land. - Secret service? - Was she with a friend!? - Ah, It was a long time ago. - Interesting, you have a chance … mmm … mmm, when time comes, we might want him to act certain ways. - En Serbie on voit Péres? - Un rêve !? C’est alors la paix ? - Mm, mmm …Mais! Mais ne l’on l’a pas tuée ? - One way, C’est vachement Lucifer disait un français ! - Lui c’est un non ! - Alors pour qui le oui ? - Alors pour qui le non ? - Vois-tu comment ? - Un oui en France! laisse laisse ! - Tito!? - Me!? - Me! Ka! Tito, Tito! how are you!? - Tito! I said no to you! - A recap? - Save the face! - Yeh! but he will not understand it. - Protecting your interest, your supposed investment, a prospect, why not something, a mental image? Trivial, Come on, yes, you need to join... - Tito! tito! - Drew him a dream ... quick was the Lebanese one to say. - Ah they are having fun with it at this stage! - Yeh! Some impersonation, not seen, not heard, score? - douga!! the dream!!?? - a bean! come on, come on let it grow! - yes, yes! you are, you were, you were the only one! - rrrrr, gone, do, gone... - hmmm, what ... what is that? - douga!? - come on, come on tell me what is that?! - Theater. - theatrical !? for me, for the people, for you?! - the big entry. - douga! was it required?! - around the corner? - What? for who douga !? for you? you are not needed. Your story has ended! - Bring it back, bring it back! - ahh ... parade, charade!! - Come on, come on, come on chant douga! Is this what you hear? - around, around, around the corner? - douga, douga, you are not needed! - Rrrr … do … redo … redo … shall we redo? - eye... I ... - I demonized you?! - Crazy! are you? - eye ... I ... eye for an eye ... - yeh, but did he not enter it. - Yeh, but we don’t care. - Yeh, to the beginning now. - More information? - The collect.

Chapter Two

- I am happy! I am happy! I have a mission! - who is this ? - I am happy! I am happy! I have a mission! - nobody likes him! - I am happy! I am happy! I have a mission! - is this one the link? The brain of it all? - I am happy! I am happy! I have a mission! - Promotion guy! it is time for recompensation, a kick! Just go and make somebody go crazy. - No morale for the brain? - accepting? Performing? forgiven! - knowledge, ignorance, what was he doing? - Promotion guy, it is your recompensation time! - ouh, ouh ouhh, ouhh ouhhhh. - Lack of morality? was discussed? - acceptance? - He was not like escorting you? - each to his whims! - surprised? - agreed? Performing things? - who started it? - the Moroccan? - no it was the Lebanese? - come to think of it, Canadian, Why the high heels? - not just one, out of what, They all agreed. - small puppy, large puppy, each with his share. - small puppy! what did he do? - no essence, disgusting, impersonates others, Abbas Ibrahim. - savior of the world, by his name I speak, I am the one. - is he? - are they? - The most intellectual, or superior beings in the world? - blockage, my dear one, blockage! - and if it fails? - stealing my dear one stealing. - From his mouth filth came! Errors, he did generate. - Ah admire me the filthy said, I am so smart, doing just that, can you do it? Think how! come on! - all fine, all fine, but a kid can do, can’t you. - reading? speaking? - cut him down! - insert words into his mouth! - steal his ideas! - continue his sentences! - block and nuisance? - ahead a sentence, a word. - a kid can do, can’t you. - one two three! - five six seven. - Money, money, money, hey, is that it ?! - what? disorient, other endeavors? - there is, there is, lack of character , lack of morality, plenty? - this one we knew , not bringing anything new, gory details? - Insult! yourself, a star! Concentrate, come one! concentrate. Yeh, you can do it. - why ? I do it by myself. why ?! - superior! Unstoppable! - I insult everybody! nobody dares to speak with me! - not bad! not bad! Applauses! Applauses! - hariri, detention! two clacks! Tunisian? - Important, important! - Benign delusion! - stop! I refuse! - he believed!? the theater! - carte blanche? - trivial! The unstoppable gang! - theater? - continue! - understand? - what? - come on, come on, continue? - he believed. - he believed. - Wait! Weight! - do you want to speak? - no morale! - your part, your role, agreed? - no surprises here? - more about the team? - mentality, behavior, inner selves, news? - You know this terrorist group? - Which one? The most dangerous, and vile of all? The dirtiest, the one that was dismantled in? - Ah in Tripoli, eh eh eh … interesting! - So what about it? Is this the ISIS theory once more? Should we be afraid? Should we start hiding? - He loved his job! He served his country! - They all do, with the millions they have, they all do. - Riding on a motorcycle… - I think you meant flying on an airplane. - The smaller ones? - Ah ok, the wannabe, prove me this, prove me that! Maybe different circumstances, then those of the two bodyguards? - Ah ok, ok, so the wannabe? - He was killed by ISIS for his service to his country! - Narration? - Ah the good things he did. - Narration? - The predator, the harasser, the sexually and mentally ill … - Come on … insult! - I was feeding my cat, and he started insulting me. - Their ugly nature, it is one, just the circumstances! - Come one lift up your veil, or I will do it... insults! - Complain? Hahaha, hahhaha, hahhaha … - Alteration, the veil, the harasser, defending, the forgery, ISIS. - Typical?? - He is our hero! he is our hero! he is our hero! - The speech? - Yeh, it was one of his earliest ones, you know he is not a politician. - They all are, they all are. - It is the people who actually loved me, you know, I was so surprised by the amount of love which was thrown my way. The pictures, the reflection of love, being hanged all around, I was deeply moved and surprised. - Clap, clap! - I’m with everybody, I will only work to have unity, real love, peace for everyone. - Clap, clap. - I will use my relations to help my country, I only accept to be the head of parliament, nothing less, nothing more, and this only if people with their love, the motivation is enough for me. - Clap, clap! - I’m so calm. I’m so calm. repeat. I am so calm. - So is he like a superman? - Yeh, but he is tacit about it, you will never know about his existence. - He is our hero! he is our hero! he is our hero! - What is this, is this his birthday? - Oh it is like every day is his birthday, you can never stop hearing about his deeds, save this, save that, people cheering for him, hey, hey, we need you man! - Yeh but come on, he is tacit about it! - The humanitarian? - Yeh, for certain, his popularity is on the rise. - He does not know about it? - it is in his blood to do the right kind of things, and just you know, you need to let people talk. - I’m doing it for the poor you know, I m not doing it to sit with the rich! - Is this his speech? - Come on! you know! he is tacit! he would never say this, it was one of his companions, who shared this, in good intentions! - The speech!? - For all? For all! Out of the question! for you, for you. - abbas brahim, imad Osman. - ugly! the spot? - generated, and generated! - poom! - continued, and continued! - poom! - hahaha, lost in his mind! - poom! - don’t laugh! - poom! - programmable, not! - poom! - Ah! solvable! Not, the team! - Ah! Good laugh! - Hahahaha! - Hahahaha! stealing! huhh, from me? - do you understand? - money, mind, work, effort! The higher hand!? How does it feel? - not important! the actuality of things! - technologies? trying to prove? - thought! Past! in your mind, knew! - ah! Illness! mental illness. - aim? - afraid of thought! will you! - fine! - fine! - talking with this cousin! - cooking! is it good!? - sister, how is she? - mental image! - dull! Sending! - ah! image! Sending! Seeing! house of the cousin’s sister! - ah! was 10! trivial will you . - aim? - it is from your mind! - downloaded! your mind! - subject?! - continue!? - send! see!? - boring will you! - Ah! failed! - Unsuspecting subjects? - Ah! A dream, continue! will you! - salad!? - what do you mean!? - I .. I .. I .. I .. I ? - the buffoon!!! what's with him now? - la .. la .. la la la , I can impose my will on god! - isn't nature speaking to him now! - I .. I .. - speak you will ... - I .. I .. I can download .. - Buffoon !! everybody can... - I .. I .. block I can ... - God ! Ohhh ... Ohhh ... Oh God! - curse , curse, curse do I!. - rocks, rocks, rocks the sound ! - nature , nature , nature tell .. - hear can't , can't I I I. - in his mind , in his mind .. - crazy crazy, nature tell. - I, I .. me i am ... I ... I - God ! Oh God! - no value, just a tail .. - is this nature ..? - hush hush , now hush hush .. - pig , pig , pig you are !! - electric ! - move for us , come on ... will. - in a circle? yeh i will . - salad , salad .. come on will! - sure thing my master. - pennies, pennies, they made you. - sure thing my master. - yeh we see, yeh we leave .. pennies pennies, here you are. - disgusting, disgusting, disgusting ... yeh you are. - no approach, is for you. - hey ! my promotion ! - now my salad come one will . - buy, bought , did we do ? - yeh ! yeh ! will ... we will , prom .. prom ... promote you! - He turned it? - He turned it - Your work is mine! - Was he surprised? - He uttered it! - He uttered it! - Did he understand it? - He understood it! - Did he deny it? - He denied it! - Satisfied - Satisfied - Eh, eh, eh! Lost their manhood! do me this! do me that! come on! chauffeur, bring me a coke, open my door …. bodyguard, the bodyguards … - is it like the little team? - Canadian, Lebanese, Tunisian, Italian, Turkish, Serbian, Japanese, Moroccan, Egyptian, Jordanian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Philippino, Cambodian, the south Korean, hongkongian, Lebanese?

Chapter Three

- Canada! - what does it mean? - high hopes! Law! Opportunities! - stories! - Please! don’t start me with these stories! - wrong they did to him!? - who? - Tunisian, ouh, ouh! - back from Tunisia! airport! the states! Syria! deports. - Canadian! ouh, ouh! - Your story? - holds, at this stage! - doing! Done! till this time. - knew, each one. - continue! This one. - knew a guy?! - Ahhh! Ohhhh! Canada guys? - spell it? - RCMP, CSIS! - done. - Ottawa, Ontario, Quebec ... police! - done. - CCRA, CBSA! - done. - not spell, everything!? - huh? - Arab, Muslim, survey him! - so racist! - Lebanese, Sri Lankan, Cambodian… - what? - nothing felt? - can be done? - can’t you see! - capturing! Understand? - really? - waves, new old technology! - very trivial! really? - sound, light, yah yah yah… - trivial! really. - show, not understand…? - ok, continue. - every word? - yeh? - clack! - prepared the questions? - clack! - Canadian! sent! - clack! - Syria! the torture! - clack! - information!? - done! - second series? - legit! Cleared! - not foreign? - sharing, falsification! - discussion? - same time. - where ? - Chhh! Ohhhh! Canada guys? - can be. - other? - Maybe! - the spirit? - many, many! - same time! Canada! kid at the stage. - shoot! - chronology! - University! Succeeded. - torrent site! - Mmm! did not like! - girl… sent! - seduce him. The tracks? - French Canadian? find her! Will you!? - innocent, usually do! - hahaha! - cleavage! Words! - not work!? - ah you are so special. - preparation! pave the road! - malicious! were you? - Saint-Henri? what he was trying to do! - cut! - nah! - history, documented! mental abuse! - ah the Montreal experiments? - brainwashing? - expected! Canadian! CIA involvement. - I know. - you know. - falsification, claim of innocence. - push for it! - sensory deprivation, disorientation. - planting ideas, the aim. - voice recorded messages. - testing mainly. - patient unaware. - drugs induced! - chemical, biological, radiological. - human behavior, control, induced. - push. - act. - certain manner, certain ways. - brain, understand? - additional? - what they were trying to do. - they slipped something . - catalyst. - what did he do? - loose, not want to.. - ah.. - formation, thought… - auditory hallucination !? - at this stage could take place. - confined! - directional sound system, old news! - their perspective, confined. - wanted to play his mind. - not serious, serious the blockage. - Lebanese, Tunisian, others? - yet to come. - reading? - idea forward. - explaining! - somebody else? - from him! - not! - laugh at this stage. - auditory hallucination! - imitation! - noise, sleep deprivation. - voices explaining things. - started. - thought. - not understand. - voice. - uttering meaning. - words red. - characters insert. - removed. - words meaning. - changed. - what he was trying to do! - Canadian from. - not from you - push it on you - coming from you . - it is you. - disoriented are you . - trying to do - who are you. - Lebanese, yet? - pitch variant! - we can add? - cleavage, touching words, a role. - doctor? - about. - wine. - good glass! the friend. - sip something! - a diagnosis - successful? - role, life, advice! - stage, create, present! - Canadian Muslim! - Syria humanitarian! - advices? - religion! - Quran? - quote! - why? - the whole is you! - really? - did it work? - didn’t know better! - rushing! doctor! - ready! - not! - really! - checking on you. - playing! - Canadian Mexican! - God! Universe, everything! - funny! - let it come!? - works? - The teacher? - You can go after it. - Ma! - What’s with this!? - Ma! - Was he not good? Did he know something? - Ma! - little boy! - Ma! - Let it come! - Ma! - Do you see it? - Ma! - Is he trying to do something!? - Ma! - yeh I need you! - is it you? - is it a family reunion? - Where? - Ah an, the artist, want me to spell it for you? - Place des arts! What is that? a class!? - The professor, UQAM, lionel groux ? - You did not see it, did you? - clear? - wanted! - ruin his life! - repeat! - stop it a little bit.

Chapter Four

- what now? - what now? - protect! share! - re listen, a little bit. - speak about! at this stage? - Canada! not yet? - back from vacation, Lebanon, returned. - to where? - to follow, to build upon. - falsification. - covered? - at this stage? - enunciate. - incorporate. - dreams, dreams! - still? - visions, God, believe? - incentive. - not needed! - not needed! - not always have a chance! - nothing? - fine! - impersonating!? - returned earlier stage. - punished! - really!? - returned? - ah the one! - voice hallucinations, similar techniques. - why? - a blog post! - Canadian! do you think people will believe. - they did, they did! - who? The Lebanese!? - whatever is forwarded! - truth? - same technology! - nothing? - I mean ... - cross? - earlier stage? - cannot work! - the continuation! - thought! accompanying thought! - accompanying! what were they saying? - random words! - working! - impersonating?! - ma!? - wouldn’t shut up! - the punishment! - cannot make it shut. - Canadian! - discussion! - finished. - together. - cannot ? - still? - understand? - shut up! - ma! - punishment! - hallucination! - it. - needs thought! - other technologies? - the laugh! - who laughs? - from him! - from you! - tries to play you! - knew not you . - coming from you. - it is you! - similarity! - disturbing. - was? - irritating! - was? - planned? - was? - nothing! - was? - understand what doing. - add? - dreams! - other dreams! - not bad. - let it take its time. - I agree. - voices, basically, dream. - review it. - wait for it. - inside! - see it? - I will wait! - secluded? - day. - could do it. - wanted? - trivial! - really! - exactly! - depending! - dreams. - additional? - wait! - have one . - have? - voices! - blocking? - reading! - this one? - Act! Dream! - weird sentiment. - Unsuspecting was the victim! - helping, testing! Lalala! - surprised? - Anna Maria Silvester! - who is this one? - did you pursue? - who? - exactly! - need to research? - little bit? - maybe! - found something!? - innocent until proven guilty! - all parties agree? - works? - did she speak? - to whom? - accomplice! - forgery! Name! - her? - out of frustration? - not really!? - discussing! - she is a judge - he uttered ? - name? - abou baker ! - the front end! - complaint! - deposited! - address! - ignored at this stage! - blackmail! - forwarded! - parents! - known! they share information! - lie one to another? - what did we get from this? - chance! - Ah! do not start! - five years!? - forgery? - wait and see!

Chapter Five

- so? - so, who is ahmad ali lagha guy? - good question, everybody is asking about this one . - he started it? - yeh, it was more? - planification ? - multiple? - you and him? - dreams? it is important to kill him young, if he gets big, it will become more difficult, so try with the voices ,the hallucinations, the dreams, the bashing, what else what not … - do we have witnesses ? - yeh - he tried to bash you in front of a class? - yeh, - the Lebanese one? - yeh - he is going to say that it is ahmad lagha, who started it!? - yeh - the perfect cover? - really? - who is this amad lagha guy? - Jealous? - one in the series. They want your work, they do not want to work, they will place the effort in trying to sabotage you, but not the effort, in trying to achieve something. - what ahmad lagha did? - It was not picked up by students, or others! - what the Lebanese one, wanted to do? - he wanted the bashing to become a thing, he wanted to steal your work, or sabotage it as far as he can. - For bashing to work? - you need a constant factor - things, and everything die, after a period of time. - so? - another one? - a voice out of nowhere - not a student - wanted to be picked up - another? - thought it to be covered - not calculate it? - insult in front of class. - indicator? - others, surveillance - and who was the professor which was present? - he is the head of one of Tripoli hospitals. - he was trying his thing? - this one did not pick up - the next - yeh it did not - the earlier - rached itri, and the gang So at a given point, the Lebanese one, started with the voices like the Canadian, and he had some internal accomplices. - Lebanese one? - abbas ibrahin, imad osmad , Khaled hammoud and others. - actor? - the boss? - buttons pushed. - who is the pusher? - what was the motive? bashing continued, using voices in the Lebanese university, and with the help of the gang of accomplices. - Rached was afraid - from what? - playground voices? - Lebanese did it, everybody knew! - what was his purpose? - hallucination, psychological war ... - ok! - youssef sarkis? passing the corridor? - ok? - bashing, what to speak? - rachad aouf - insults from his class - it was him, - came from you. - certainly an accomplice, forming a group, coordinating your actions. - rached, rachad, ahmad lagha, Mohamad tout, others … - see you in action? - did. - another rumor? - who? - all of them complotted. - first enunciated? - the Mohamad tout guy. - ok - followed by two? Active and part of it, the little informers, the moving hand, the plan was performed in clear sight, and everywhere, harassment, bashing, psychological war, out loud, and everywhere. You were under surveillance, from the moment you came back to Lebanon, he was parading his knowledge, as he did with the abou baker guy, the Canadian forwarded him certain stuff. Drew him a dream? - grandiose - lie - knowledge. There was no similarities, between the names, so he was trying to forge something, maybe another one at this stage. - a forged document? - another one? Do we want to narrate the first one? - the first one? This is related to the Rached Itri guy, he is just a nobody, and even, on one occasion, he has been insulted by a professor in the Lebanese university, on purpose. - come on, up, make me a coffee, that is you, your job. And this was actually his job, and he just went, and made the coffee, no diplomas, and mainly that is it, a little informer, who cannot move things. - the forgery? - the moving hand! - you made a check, which did not have any funds. - so he tried? - him and the moving hand. - they planned? - into harming you, into blocking you. - because? - you have the ability, to make it on your own. - the plan? It was simple enough, he is going to try to provoke you, in any mean, so why not insult somebody you know, and if you utter any reply, he is outraged, and you will hear the answer the same night. - the answer? - an investigator - what did he want - he wanted you to go to Saida - for what? - you have made a check, which does not have any funds. He just boasted it about it, and in the university, he stated, that he was the one who did it bluntly, it was a known fact, aware to others, you knew and they knew. - do you have anything to add? - Youssef sarkis role? - you are not sure about this one? - he can be part of it? - the theater you mean? - yeh! He also was not needed, yet he stated, and made it well aware in the university, that Boutros Harb, who was a minister at that time, placed a famous call, to solve the problem. - really? - he can be part of it, the whole theater, what precedes, and what follows. - he was never needed? they had nothing against you? - they forged everything, and if the law should have taken its course, he, and whoever was behind it, they should have been arrested. - it does not work? - he was jealous! - he tried ruining it for you? - blackmail - something to be afraid of? - what? Bashing? Calling names? - never really did it affect you in any way? - people did not pick it up - what you were saying? - not even one - what you were saying? - a forged document! - another one? - you need to be smart about it - proves surveillance without doubt. - so you wanted to teach? - you have to go to the police department, to ask for a certificate, that you did not commit any crime. - and? - while in the police department, you were told to stop writing, a story about the Lebanese university, which you were publishing on Facebook. - in a direct manner? - indirectly - before? - before the ahmad lagha incident - fine, and what happened to the certificates? - they handed you false one. - what do you mean. - they handed you certificates, which did not belong to you, but to another person. - mistake? - blockage and nuisance actually, and maybe a complot, as things later on would show. - surveillance? - bashing? - banking? - what gives it away? - she stated something, and you knew about it - I knew about it? - they wanted to cover it - is this what she said? - surveillance in your car, home, and public places - the link? - so they were surveilling? - it was before , before the ahmad lagha incident - so? - so they were surveilling and complotting from before? - followed at home? - never heard of! - somebody from the bank? was sent at home? -- mesquin? - masquerading? - dementia, disillusions - is this what they want? - manipulating dreams, yours, hers, others? - the link? it was not related to the ahmad lagha incident as he tried to portray it later on. I am here because people are trying to abuse you, I am here because the tawhid were trying to abuse you, shut, I will tell them shut, and they will shut up. -He stated this? -He did! -One of his broadcast? - the Lebanese We will continue detailing his work, his deeds, and how he was cunning, and how he tried as always, to put the blame elsewhere, it is not me, it is the others. We wanted to get back in time, just a little bit, the earliest indication of surveillance is already discussed, so the reasons were, that the Canadian was doing surveillance, sabotage, blocking, work stealing, falsification of documents, and sharing them with the Lebanese, so the Lebanese continued this, the moment you came to Lebanon. - active agents? - what you want to do, is to check for prospects, they might approach you, and you might not even know, that this one, is a low life informer, so rechecking for prospects, is always a good thing. - prospects as in ? - people, every day you meet. For example, I opened a shop, once I arrived to Lebanon, and there was this guy, who you could feel that he is weird on the spot, he was trying to collect certain information, checking on what you are doing, anything which can be useful, he was a weird guy, and certain of his questions were shady. - can we detail more? - nothing out of the ordinary. - we do want to talk about informers, so who else do you qualify or head suspicions on? Who would like pop into your mind? - informers, they can play your friends, they can backstab you, he is into collecting information, even if it is tacit, but this is not all! - what else? What does an informer have? - you need to understand his thought process, maybe put yourself into his shoes, you might be able to spot some - so ahmad lagha, is an example of an informer? - you need to detail his habits beforehand, you might see certain things, certain signs. He is not real, he is not authentic, and it shows, there is something which tells, he tries to eat his way out, and he tries to tacitly show his deeds. - the student who he would have helped? - just happening, just in front. - the car he has bought to his parents? - just happening, just in front. - branching where he is not even welcomed? - you are my best friend , I see it, something from it. - this is what need to be seen? - yeh, and you always see it, but what actions do you take? - hopefully it helps! - informers! - informers, it was important to show who they are, he can be anybody, and you just know, or you will know it in due time, people will know, people do know.