This tutorial , will show how to install and configure , nginx and php , under macOS . It will also show , how to configure a local website , using nginx and php .

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stty is a tool used to set the input and output settings for the terminal communication interface . It can also read the settings of the terminal communication interface .

The terminal communication interface settings that can be set and read by stty are divided in the following categories :

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PGP stands for pretty good privacy . It is a software used for digitally signing data in order to make sure that it has not been tampered with . It is also used for data encryption and decryption .

PGP also provides keys management . Keys are used for singing and verification , and or , encrypting and decrypting of data . An example of key management is key creation or deletion .

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Each distribution has a release file which contains indices of binary and source packages that can be installed from this distribution .

apt-key is used to add , delete , list , and export public keys used by apt to verify the signature of a release file .

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Conformance as defined by the c standard is two parts : conformance of a program and conformance of an implementation .

Concerning the conformance of a program , a c program can either be : strictly conforming or conforming . As for the conformance of an implementation it can be either hosted or freestanding .

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The /etc/apt/preferences file is used to control the priority of a source distribution in the /etc/apt/sources.list , and it is also used to control the priority of individual or multiple binary packages .

In this tutorial , we will explain what is a default priority and what is a target release . We will also explain the /etc/apt/preferences record formats and how a priority and a package are selected .

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